Annual Conference and Journal of one association are considered Principal and crucial tasks and hence indicates its health. Since its inception on 6th April’2014, the founder leader of this Association, Dr. Shovon Das has always reflected the spirit of the times and the values of self reliance to form not only the Bengal Chapter of Forensic Medicine but also has showed his interest in exploring fields of scientific enquiry that were considered the preserves of the developed world in the form of publishing the Journal of BAFM.

Bengal has always produced visionary leaders from time immemorial in all fields. Forensic Medicine is no exception in the form of establishment of the first department in this discipline in the prestigious Calcutta Medical College in 1845. But the resource constraints in all aspects have often hampered our ability to mobilize scientific talent and apply scientific findings to our specific requirements.

Hurdling against all odds, the BAFM as started taking shape with 83 members till now with also our whole-hearted initiative of the Executive Committee members and Life members to publish the first journal.

The Title and colour scheme of a journal is its identity and therefore the Editorial team will also request the enthusiastic and artistic brains of our Academy to submit their creative excellence to us. If required, the format shall be made to be passed in the GBM of the Academy.

Fiscal backup is now an important issue. Since each quarterly publication of a volume averaging about 100-120 pages and of about 100 copies for each quarter needs substantial costing. As the journal is yet not indexed, the Editoreal team do understand the difficulty in procuring publication cost. Our Hon’ble President Prof. T.K.Bose and Secretary, Dr. Debasish Som have solved the matter by providing the publication cost from the fund which will be accumulated from the sell of Practical books and the Royalty given by the publisher.

We also understand the toil of making a paper and its importance of publishing in a non-indexed journal. But at the same time, the Editoreal Team do hope that all oyr members will be empathetic enough to cary forward the crusade of indexing the Journal in the form of submission of some of their valuable papers at this stage.

It is imperative at this stage for the community of Forensic Medicine people in Bengal to remain rooted to our reality and be cognizant of our own problems to make inclusive growth and development of reality.

With these few words, we therefore have uploaded our manuscript submission guidelines and invited our able authors for their valuable and noble contribution for the first edition of the journal at the earliest possible time.


Editoreal Team, BAFM